Quorum Platform Specialisation Course (Coding skills required)

  • Level: Medium
  • Category: For developers
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Online
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Course Details

Course Syllabus

  • What is Quorum™?
  • What additional Consensus mechanisms does Quorum™ offer?
  • How does Quorum™ achieve privacy and private states?
  • How is Web3 altered and extended in Quorum™?
  • Deploy a local and cloud private Quorum network
  • Send and receive private transactions


  • Deploy a local Quorum network
  • Send and receive private transactions, contracts and date
  • Deploy a Quorum network on Microsoft Azure
  • Start and stop Quorum networks

Author: Rob Hitchens

Rob has worn many hats in his extensive IT career including experience designing, constructing, implementing and operating innovative software solutions, developing training programs and supporting online education platforms. Rob has been dabbling in blockchain technology since the early days and quickly recognised the disruptive potential of Smart Contracts and decentralised apps. Since 2016, Rob has been absorbing all things related to Smart Contracts and supporting developers on their quest to master this technology.

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